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09 Aug

Great talents for Cafat shoots!

9 Aug 2012 - Categorie : Advertising, Assignment, Photo publicitaire, Shooting

Series of portraits of New Caledonians on assignment for Cafat (our local Social Security), those images will illustrate covers of leaflets. I want to thank all our talents who have been so helpful and excellent in their character such as “worker, client or pharmacist” ! Likewise, we did make the shots in time and had fun doing it ;-)

… and below is our behind the scene shot!

I am always looking for new talents for projects and advertising so please send me your photo and contact information, it’s always fun and a great way to make some extra money.

Photographer in Noumea, New Caledonia – Sébastien Mérion

29 Jun

Commercial photography for Bank of New Caledonia


Series of advertising shots made for the Bank of New Caledonia (BNC) published in press.

… and below are a few shots of the ‘making of’, we had a lot of fun doing the job although it was not so easy to deal with clients doing their shopping in the supermarket! Thanks to our talents for their patience and hope to see you soon for next challenge…

Photographer in Noumea, New Caledonia – Sébastien Mérion

21 Jun

Photo assignment for Enercal

21 Jun 2012 - Categorie : Advertising, Assignment, Photo publicitaire, Shooting

Advertising campaign photo assignment for electricity company Enercal in New Caledonia.

Thanks to our great talents involved in this photo shooting, if you live in New Caledonia and feel interested in posing for advertising photography, please register to my list of models for next casting in Noumea.

15 Apr

Photos publicitaires pour la BNC

15 Apr 2012 - Categorie : Advertising, Assignment, Photo publicitaire, Shooting - Tags : ,

I have worked lastly on a new set of  advertising shots for the Bank of New Caledonia (BNC), the ads and billboard will be available soon. This new assignment was part of a previous order with this 2 images below.

campagne publicitaire BNC

Campagne publicitaire BNC

publicité BNC Banque de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Photos : Sébastien Mérion / Campagne : agence Kangourou

18 Dec

Shoots for Cafat campaign

18 Dec 2011 - Categorie : Assignment, News, Shooting

I just realized a serie of shoots for a Cafat campaign ”Sick leave is when you are really sick!”, You may have seen the posters at your doctor’s or in the press. A TV commercial is also on NC premiere.

A big thank you to our two extras who have done their job like real pros! We had a lot of fun doing it!

16 May

Advertising campaign: Day of Safety and Health at Work

16 May 2011 - Categorie : Assignment, Shooting

Last April 28th was held the day of safety and health at work organized by the Government of New Caledonia and CAFAT (social security administration). I had the pleasure to make the shots of the advertising campaign, a series of 4 images announcing the event displayed on billboards in the city of Noumea.

A big thanks to the extras who played their role fully as real pros!

Agency : Trait d’Union Ogilvy / A. D. : J-M Estines / Photographer : Sébastien Mérion

27 Apr

Stunning sunset on Anse Vata

27 Apr 2011 - Categorie : Shooting

We had a beautiful sunset last Sunday, still had to be there at the right time, right place! Photographing sunsets requires to be patient too, I nearly missed that one, I thought the sky was too cloudy, I first made ​​this picture (without much conviction) before deciding to store my bag and fold my tripods.

A few minutes later, surprise, I quickly set all my gears up again and took position
seeing a hole in the sky and a warm light starting to spread on Ouen Toro Park, that was the right time! Thirty minutes separate the two images.

Coucher de soleil sur l'Anse Vata

Matériel utilisé : Canon 5D MKII + filtres ND dégradés

27 Apr

Photo shoot with TV presenter Stephane Jobert for Miss New Caledonia election

27 Apr 2011 - Categorie : Shooting

The TV presenter Stéphane Jobert came from Paris to liven up the Miss New Caledonia election show has contacted me for a photo shoot during his short visit in Noumea. Those images will illustrate his news through the medias. Stephane presents notably the Euro Millions on France 2.

02 Feb

(Français) Recherche figurants calédoniens pour photos

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